Day: May 14, 2018

Dog Bites can Result in Bad InjuriesDog Bites can Result in Bad Injuries

Under Texas Code, the owner of a dog who bites another person can be held liable for the damages suffered from the dog bite. Therefore, if you or your child has been bitten by a dog and suffered life altering injuries, you are entitled to financial compensation for your injuries, lost earnings, pain and suffering, and any other related damages from the owner of the dog.personal injury attorneys

Dog bites and animal attacks are relatively common occurrences. Each day more than 1,000 people are admitted to hospital emergency rooms with wounds resulting from a dog bite or animal attack. According to, a non-profit, public awareness website to help reduce dog bites/ attacks, in 2010, there were 34 fatal dog attacks in the U.S. The state of California led the nation in dog bite fatalities.

At the Texas personal injury law firm of our Law Firm, we are dedicated to helping individuals and families obtain the justice that they deserve. It is pertinent that you choose an experienced attorney to handle you dog bite case, because you only have one opportunity to obtain a settlement. The attorneys at our Law Firm have an outstanding track record handling dog bite cases, including claims arising from Pit Bull, Rottweiler, German Shepherd, and other vicious dog breed attacks. Personal injury lawyers at our Law Firm have recovered more than $30 million for their clients in the past 12 months

Dog Bite Injuries

At our Law Firm, our Texas dog bite lawyers understand how difficult it can be to cope with injuries associated with a dog bite or attack, especially for young children, who are frequent victims. We have represented dozens of victims of dog attacks, including a number of mail carriers, couriers and other delivery personnel who have been attacked by vicious dogs. Our experienced Texas personal injury lawyers have dealt with all types of injury claims resulting from dog bites including:injury lawyers

  • Facial Disfigurement
    Fractured Bones
    Vision Loss/ Eye Injuries
    Infection of Wounds
    Spine and Neck Injuries
    Nose Injuries
    Puncture Wounds
    Rabies Transmission.
    Pet Owner Liability

If you are bitten by the dog in the state of California, the owner of the dog is responsible for your injuries, regardless of whether the attack occurred on public property, or lawfully on the dog owner’s property. In other words, the owner of the dog is strictly liable for your injuries if the person was on private property legally, such as an invited guest, a mail carrier, or an emergency responder. However if you were unlawfully trespassing on the dog owner’s private property and were attacked by a dog California’s strict liability law does not apply. In certain circumstances, a landlord may be liable for injuries resulting from a tenant’s dog. Personal injury claims arising from dog bites are usually covered and paid by the dog owner’s home insurance policy.

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If you live in the Texas area, and have been a victim of a dog bite or attack, call 1-800-890-6722 for a free consultation with an experienced personal injury lawyer at our Law Firm. Our attorneys are available to answer your questions and explain your legal rights, options and responsibilities should you wish to pursue a claim. Under our contingency fee agreement, if we represent you, you will owe nothing unless we win your case and obtain compensation for you.