Media Advisor position for Gleason Media Services
Available in our Auburn, Maine office

Serving Maine since 1975, we own five radio stations and internet services that include website management and email marketing. Our outreach system is simple. On the first call, we get acquainted and if the prospective client feels there might be a match, we arrange to return within a week with a sample commercial. We also have an opening for part-time telemarketing.

Steps of the job
Prospecting: Always be looking for new leads using techniques such as networking at Chamber gatherings, leads groups, asking for referrals, etc. Also, check other media like newspaper, TV and other radio stations, and visual observations while driving around.

Calling for appointments: While stopping by in person for an appointment (or to initiate the interview) may be desirable in some instances, most of the calls for appointments should be made by phone.

Succeeding on the first call (The Interview): The purpose of this encounter is to establish a sense of rapport and includes gathering information about the account, telling them about our services, and most importantly, having them agree to see you again within a week with a sample commercial.

Writing the commercial: By asking the right questions, a commercial needs to be written to address the issues and concerns raised by the prospect during the interview to help their sales.

Monitoring the commercial’s progress from the production company. Make sure it is back in time for you to review and if necessary, correct.

The closing call: By playing the sample commercial and knowing when to ask for the order, this is a test of your ability to get the order.

Desirable skills needed
Must enjoy being organized: We provide a contact management computer program that must be kept up to date with each contact attempt.

Must be a “gamer”. Must realize that successful selling is a “game of numbers” and that rejection is not a bad thing.

Must be a good listener and writer to hear what the clients’ needs, attributes and problems are so that a good commercial can be written.

Must be motivated to make money… and enjoy people.