We are L-A’s only local hometown radio station. In a area with nearly 100,000 people, we are the only station that provides local news, including audio from the city councils and regular interviews with local officials, plus live programming from our studio in Auburn.

In addition, we are true public access radio by announcing upcoming events of local non profit organizations. Visit


4:00 to 6:00am The Morning Eye Opener, National news at :00 and :30, State and Local News at :10 and :40, Sports at :20, and :50. Great hits from the past.
6:00 to 10:00am
Imus in the Morning:

You’ll Laugh:
With lot’s of humor, Imus is joined by Charles, Warner, Bernie, Lou and Megan. Add comedians Tony Powell and Rob Bartlett, starting your day is more fun.

You’ll Learn:
Imus asks tough questions of celebrities, politicians and media stars and they still come back for more. Combine that with our award winning local news with Scott Garrett, Mal Leary and Kathy Williamson, your mornings are complete.

10am to 3:00pm The Rush Hours w/ Jeremy Rush: The hits of the last 40 years, prizes and fun.
4:00-6:00pm The EZ1240 Afternoon Stretch, National news at :00 and :30, State and Local News as :10 and :40, Sports at :20, and :50